Making Pictures links in Entourage


Hi people,

I was wondering if any of you could help me?

Im an Illustrator and iv recently finished my website, and im sending out emails to art directors add agents etc, but all i put is a borring text link to my website, what i would like to do is insert an image into my email and make the image the link to my web site or a page on my site, could you help me do this, im using entourage.

thanks for you time
Yeah but, i dont want to use an existing icon, i want to use one of my own images and the link, sort of like an eflyer.
Well, that will get you started. Substitute your own images for the ones supplied.
Ok, i understand how it works, but i just want one image that i can paste into my email that is the link, i dont want any text at all visable, would i be able to do this with the link you sent me?
Not sure, but like I said, it's a start. You can download and see how they work, then substitute your own image. Not sure about making it a link. Here's an Entourage support page, you may be able to find out how;