Making the OSX Transition


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Topic for eveyone....

When OSX is released March 24th... how many think that they will at that time... make the final conversion to the new operating system, leaving OS 9 in the dust? How many plan do keep dual environments going, even though OSX supports both? How many will not move to the new platform... and if not then, when?


Apple says that 9.1 won't work with the public beta. I'm going to install it on a different partition than 9.0.4 just for the new burning feature. Because it won't work with the beta, I will keep it a daul boot system until OSX has proven that it can do all the things I need it to...... Like direct hardware communication with my sound card in my recording studio.

just my thoughts.
I've been using the beta as the regular OS on my home machine, and it's been fine. The only things I even need classic for are BBEdit and Photoshop

I'll get & install OSX as soon as it comes out, but I probably wont' move over to it completely until the aformentioned 2 essential apps are carbonized & (relatively) bug free.
my imac is already running only os x pb i'll get os x as soon as it comes out and pop it on there. I also have a pm 8600 with an upgrade card that is currently running os x pb, 9, 8.6, 8.1, and 7.6.1...hehe, so yeah, i'll install os x on it but the rest of the systems will remain there for testing purposes, i can also then use any pereferals on it until all the drivers come out of os x.

as far as stuff i still do under, bbedit, eudora (when i need to get old emails), toast, palm desktop, aim would be nice too (fire is cool and all, but it has some issues)... and then i need drivers for my mouseworks mouse, scanner, usb-scsi adapter, and i think thats it :)

The big question is what i should do at work...i'm thinking i'll install os x on my imac there and leave my other computer running 9.1. Then i can do work quickly under os 9 rather than having classic open, i'd switch that over then whenever i have no need for os 9 and i'm getting sick of staring at it :)

I was using X beta exclusively for everything except mail (location manager stuff). When my iBook found the freedom of Airport, 9 became my primary system again. I was not pleased. Crashing daily is a real b*tch!

When X is released I'll go back to using X exclusively. Of course, I'll leave 9.1 on a seperate partition - just in case. I am assuming 9.1 will work with X final.


Hmmmm.... Good question....
Well... I will install X on my primary partition and have 9.1 on my secondary partition just in case.
What will make or break X for me is compatibility with classic apps, and how well it handles itself with languages (i.e. unicode & language kits)