Malware on Vista via Parallels? How do I fix it?


I am using Parallels to run some old "windows only". It has been running OK for years. Last week it lost most of its functionality.

It seems I have a "testman.exe" virus or malware. What is it? How do I get rid of it? Anything free out there to stop anything else getting in? I thought I had closed off all access to the internet from my windows system, but obviously not.

It's running on a MacBook with 10.7.5 and Parallels 8. It was there before, I think, but I reinstalled Parallels and Vista today going up to the latest Parallels. But it didn't make any difference.

I wonder if it's what's causing this error message when I shut my iMac desktop which is on the same network as the MacBook :
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That one, like another I found, does a free scan and then recommends that you buy the full version to do the repair. And they also find lots of things that need removal and repair. I couldn't see any reference to the "testman" problem on the list it produced either.

Someone else has recommended "stinger.exe" from McAfee, but that found nothing.....

I suppose my problem is that I'm a lifetime Mac user, started in 1982 with a Lisa, and I don't understand the virus software and what it does. So I'm a bit wary of authorising blanket repairs in case it creeps outside of the Parallels environment and finds a Mac file to delete. Am I being paranoid? If it just trashes windows stuff and it goes wrong it's not a big deal to re-install.

Re-install windows was one of the recommendations I found but doing that that didn't cure the problem. :(