man command dont respond


Hi, I hope you can help me. When I'm running the terminal and I try to get some info by using the man command (ex, man man, or man tcsh, or whatever) it gives me a message "No manual entry for man, or tcsh or whatever"
Does it mean that I don't have the manuals installed? How can I fix it?
Thank you!! :confused:
From the terminal, type "declare". Press return. Does an entry for MANPATH exist?

It should look something like (ex. MANPATH=/sw/share/man:/usr/share/man)

If MANPATH does not exist, man can not find where the man pages are located, thus your error.

To fix, type the following command at the terminal:

export MANPATH=/sw/share/man:/usr/share/man

Thank you!!! I actually had a MANPATH but it had other paths than /usr/share/man and /sw/share/man, so I added them and now it runs perfectly!
New problem. When I close the shell, MANPATH reverts to the old definition. Any suggestions?
Thank you.. :(

Sorry guys, I've solved the problem... thank you anyway! :D
I had the same problem. I just installed a fresh copy of Tiger, 10.4.2 on my G5. Any ideas why the man pages were not configured correctly during the install?