Managing users


I found a weird behaviour of the Multiple Users utility (Applications/Utilities).

When I change a user short name, it changes others short names.
And the user folder (/Users) does'nt reflect the change.

I had to delete the user account and recreate a new one.

It would be fine to have a true user and group management utility as we have under Linux (Linuxconf, kuser...).

OSXB on G3
If it hasn't been mentioned before,

I had that problem too. But all user accounts can be micromanaged with the NetInfoManager in the Utilities, which does much of the same things as Linuxconf, except it doesn't give an option to change the window manager.....funny that. That's how I changed the short name of one of my users.

The problem is that the OS doesn't guide you to that end. It only suggests it in the /etc/passwd file.