Manual for OS X?


Does a manual or user guide exists for MacOS X?
I would be interested in configuring my Web server or working with the command console in more details...
There is the installation guide that came with OS X Public Beta hardly what your looking for. You can find good information by just surfing the forums and posting messages.
As for a manual I'm sure we won't be seeing any orgazined book of sort until the release of OS X and even then they will probably just package a simple get to know the interface guide and nothing that dives into using the Terminal and settings up a decent web server. We'll have to leave that up to a third-party to write a book. Which usually happens with new Operating System quite fast.

You can get a info about the GUI from the built in help utility, which downloads it's pages off the 'net as required. They dont give much detail though.

If you want to know about the CLI you can find lots of info on Linux/Unix sites. Most of the commands should be same or similar.
Linux sites will certainly begin to help you understand Unix.
Try for starters.

Also goto for info about configuring the webserver.
The webserver in OSX is Apache!

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the advices.

But what are the real functionnalities of the 'Unix' interface (I mean the console)?
Can we build/compile some applications?
Are scripts possible?
What are the relations between this unix-based interface and the graphical interface of MacOS?
Can we take some linux sources and compile it under MacOS X?

Head over to and you'll find a wealth of books, some with CD, wide range and anything that covers BSD will help.

Apple hasn't installed all the "man" files needed at this point I don't think.

There is a summary of commands on the net, a 128 pg file. Some pdf stuff.

Intro to Unix:

Mac On Linux (MOL)


MacNN has a forum for developers and server-side you might want to check. I'm sure there are newsgroups, try DejaNews to search.