mapping to smb shares



Our AV software can update either via http or unc (preferred option)- which is fine, except that you seem to have to mount smb shares rather than just "run" them in WinXX. So far, I've got this to work:

Mount_smbfs -I -U user -W workgroup //our-server/Antivirus$ /local-mountpoint

this works through terminal; mount_smbfs asks for a password, then mounts the remote share. However, I've tried to bolt this line onto the front of the AV softwares start-up script (this has to mount for all users, not just one login) and it does mount the share, but without credentials- so basically the share is invisible even to root (which means the AV software can't update). Am I missing anything for mount_smbfs (e.g. the -M switch ?) Or is there a quicker way of mounting a share prior to logon ?

All the documentation for mount_smbfs I found seems to have just one fairly basic example, and what I've found so far on the .nsmbrc file isn't much help

Any help gratefully received !
Is the folder you are mounting it in already created?

Try a chown before it is mounted and maybe that will let them see it.

For example:
chown $USER:admin /local-mountpoint

Or just make sure the mountpoint you created isn't owned by some super user.