Massive System Failure (9.2.1 followed by 10.1...)


The only reason I'm not pulling my hair out is because it's happening on a test machine at work, but I just ran into massive system failure, first on 9.2.1 and followed by 10.1.

I was installing Adobe Photoshop 5.5 on a clean install of 9.2.1 and when asked to reboot, I did but the startup kept stalling when the QD3D icon appeared.

After setting a minimum set of extensions for 9.2.1 to boot off of, I rebooted back into OS X 10.1 and encountered what I assume is my first "kernel panic".

Rebooting with "Command-S" held down still resulted in the same freeze with the final line:

Kernel Version
Darwin Kernel Version 1.4
root: xnu/xnu-201.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC

I left my discs at home so I think my machine is toast for the day and I have a feeling I'll be reinstalling everything from scratch tomorrow...