Massive thrashing


I had an odd situation arise tonight. I was just doing some web surfing, and had played a Quicktime video from CNN's website. The playback (on a DSL line) was way choppy, so I stopped it. I tried to close the browser window, and the system commenced disk thrashing for a good ten minutes. I finally gave up waiting for the system to become responsive (at this point, the system was essentially frozen, except for the mouse: the dock was unresponsive, couldn't get a task list via [cmnd]-[opt]-[esc], couldn't switch tasks), and logged in via ssh and rebooted.

After the system came back up (and after having run Drive 10 on the system), I looked at the system log. I got about 50 entries of the following:

Oct 8 19:39:39 localhost mach_kernel: (default pager): [KERNEL:]ps_allocate_cluster: no space in available paging segments; swapon suggested

Doesn't mean anything to me, except it looks like the system's running out of physical memory. The only problem with that is, this is a system with a Gig and a quarter of RAM.

I'd be interested in any insight as to what was going on here. I can give you more of the log to look at if you think anything else might be helpful.

Here's the specs:

G4/500 AGP
1280 Meg RAM
18 Gig Ultra2 HD, 6.4 Gig free.