Mathematica for OSX on its way


here is what a guy from their company says:

"We have delayed our "finished product" of the MacOS-X compatible version
until we finish our build for 10.1.... although details are sketchy, I've
heard that 10.1 broke some of our builds for OS-X so we're working on
that right now."

can't wait.
I've been without Mathematica since I installed the PB of OS X. Waiting has been pretty hard, and it'll be wonderful when it's finally released. Excellent!

I wonder if they'll develop a Cocoa-front end for the Mathematica Kernel, so we can have a toolbar and services and such...that would be sweet.
That is great to hear! I'm assuming we'll have to shell out more cash to Wolfram for the update, but it shouldn't hurt with the nice 'educational buffer' we college folk get. :p

That makes me wonder, will this be considered an upgrade from the current version or will we have to purchase a totally new license since X is concidered a different operating system than 9.x...