Mathematica on OSX



Well, I just got the preview of mathematica for OSX.

The install was easier than ever... it involved a single drag and drop.

The program itself seems to be a bit faster than it was before. Importing data files from disk seems to have improved. Even some of the calculations that I do seem to be a bit faster. Alas, I have done no quantitative tests and I am afraid that it is possible that in my love for OSX I am seeing the new version with rosy colored glasses.

User input prompts are definitely slower... following with the general malaise that I've seen in OSX with window draws.

I also like that they followed the UNIX/Linux style of not having the kernel open up as a seperate application... it is more or less invisible.

I will soon have a G4 733 w/ 512 RAM to run it on... then maybe i'll really see something!

Keep us posted, please. I'm very interested to hear what they've done.

Have you heard if they've done any G4 tuning?


Actually, there is an AlitVec kernel that claims to be optimized for the G4... when I get it on the G4 I'll let you know if it speeds things up signifigantly.
I remember using Mathematica back in the day .. it was on a Pentium 133 / Windows NT 4 with 32 mb ram. What a screamer! But damn I spent a lot of time on it...
Originally posted by acidtuch10
How does one uninstall Mathematica for OSX --- Just delete the dir?

Yes. It does install some preference files though, so i guess you wouldn't get these out just by deleting the .app .