Mathematica Preview no good on 10.1


i've been using a preview version of mathematica 4.1 for the last couple of months. unfortunately it's no longer working now that i've upgraded to 10.1.

this REALLY sucks because i can't seem to open up the OSX made notebooks in other versions of Mac Mathematica.
Bummer. How'd you get the preview of Mathematica? I loved that program in college.

i work at columbia univ. and they effectively have a site liscense for the whole university! so in exchange for what must be a massive ammount of money, wolfram gives us some special treats.

is it easy to uninstall 10.1 and go back to 10.0.4? i imagine all i have to do is pop the old cd in and install over top of 10.1... this is the only thing i know to do in order to get mathematica for X working again until they release the 10.1 version.
I'd be kinda surprised if you could just install 10.0 over 10.1 and have no problems, but you never know...

I wonder if Microsoft consulted Wolfram about how to do their licensing for XP: they're both the most frustrating licensing systems.

Even worse, with the number of times Win 98 crashed on me and I had to redo Mathematica, I'd hate to think what the poor people dealing with XP have to look forward to.

hehe .. i remember the days long ago (actually, only about 4 semesters ago) when I'd be chugging along at 11:00 PM in Mathematica 3.0 on Windows NT 4 (on a Pentium I 133mhz w/ 64 mb ram no less...) in the campus computing commons. Those were the times, I was a Mathematica GOD. rofl ... then we switched to MatLAB. What a bummer. :rolleyes: