Matshita Combodrive Recognised Intermittently



I own a powerbook G4 12" 867Mhz.

Recently a friend of mine plugged his creative labs MP3 player into my powerbook in order to charge it, this caused the powerbook to crash. It then failed to boot whilst this device was still plugged into the USB port. Once removed the powerbook loaded but the combo drive was no longer displayed.

To try and fix this i have
1) Reset the PMU
2) Flashed the PRAM via open firmware and the keyboard shortcut at start-up.
3) Reset the firmware to defaults.
4) Run disk utility permissions repair.
5) Run FSCK -FY from single user mode.
6) Run applejack from single user mode.
7) Reinstalled Tiger from my IMAC via target disc mode

The combo drive now shows up intermittently.
Sometimes it will show up in system profiler (SP) as an ATA device and sometimes it will show in the burning device area of SP. Normally it does not show up at all.

When the combo drive is recognised it plays DVDs, rips CDs etc so I know that the drive itself is not broken.

Any further ideas on how to fix this issue would be deeply appreciated.