Max OSX server To Regular OSX...

spoolin spec v

i have mac OSX server on my Dual g5 right now, It works perfect and everything, BUT when i am running final cut pro, and i go to export, compressor (the program) will open, then shut down and freeze FCP. i have never tried to run it on osx server, so i uninstalled it with the all the FCP software, re installed it all, and same prob. everything else works perfect though.

Now, could there be a conflict between the program and running it on OSX server?

If so, i can switch back to tiger, or whatever 10.4.x is....

Any ideas would be appreciated.
MacOS X Server is MacOS X with additional bundled utilities to manage its server functions. Stripped of those utilities, MacOS X Server is MacOS X. There is no reported conflict between FCP and MacOS X Server.