maximum PowerBook cpu temperature


I have read many threads here but nothing specifically to answer this question.

I am using a 12" PowerBook as my main computer and lately I have been doing lots of video editing in FCPro sometimes for 8-10 hours at one time. I don't mind that the fan comes on a lot but when the cpu temp goes over 60'C (bottomside temp) I wonder if there is a safe maximum.

When the cpu temperature reaches a certain temp should I shut down the PowerBook for a few hours to cool down or just keep doing the video editing and let the fan cool things and don't worry about it?

I haven't had this laptop very long so I am still learning thanks...
Although there is no conclusive evidence, I'd like to tell my little story: Earlier this year, my hard drive completely died. Just completely died. When a hard drive dies, it's motor just can't spin fast enough. Well, before this, I had played Halo all the time, and the fan would go on, and I'd just let it go.... and I would edit video in FCP all the time, and the fan would come on, and I'd just let it go. And then my hard drive died.

My personal opinion is that Apple's getting a little too lax with temperatures, and it probably contributed to my problem of what was already a doomed hard drive.

However, this is all just speculation. Heat IS the enemy of electronics, and I'm just drawing my own conclusions.

Nowadays, if I'm going to do something that I know would trigger the fan, I just turn on my own desk fan and aim it at the computer, keeping it cool. It's loud, but it works.

So, that's my story. Just me being paranoid.
Yes, I could see how this might happen, and what I am trying to avoid. I think until I can get documentation to prove otherwise I will let it cool down every few hours after doing heavy video editing, this way hopefully protecting both the cpu and the hard drive.

Apple might say "Hey, no problem" but if my hard drive burns out like yours, they are not the ones who need to buy a new one.

Thanks for the info.
You can buy stands with fans built in that claim to cool a notebook. I don't know if these work but they might be worth a look.
try this link:

Vantec sells numerous inexpensive laptop fan models. You might consider a heftier model if this laptop is your main production machine, ie: something that plugs-in rather than drawing power from a USB port.

Look up the LapCool2 (LPC-305) or LapCool4 (LPC-420) if you want a powered model. They have USB powered models as well, nice, slim and portable.

Good luck, keep cool dude.