MaxOS X 10.0.2 and Greek


Simply Daemonic
After playing around with OS X (10.0.2), I made a nice discovery.

Greek does exist (to an extent). THere is a keyboard layout called "symbol", which uses greek unicode (as far as I can see), and you can write greek with it.

There are 2 drawbacks though.
1) No accented vowels. There no way to enter then in (at least after playing with keycaps I could not find a way)
2) The layout is not the standard ISO 8859-7 greek layout. IT is the same layout as the symbol font, which makes input tricky.

The good thing is that it's on its way to getting there. The bad thing is that it aint there yet. Keep on it apple :D

The Symbol font (with Greek characters) has been around since at least System 7, if not earlier. But if you can find a real Greek font (which shouldn't be too hard -- try Sherlock), then OS X should have good support for using it with the standard Greek keyboard layout.
I am aware that symbol has existed for a long long time,
however the *keyboard layout* called symbol, that seems to use unicode
(as opposed to anohter true type, etsched in stone font).

The fonts exist, that aint the problem, the problem is the keyboard layout,
a mothed to input those characters.