MaxOS X forum users

Where are you from ?

  • USA / Canada

  • England / France

  • Spain / Portugal

  • Germany / Austria / Swizzerland

  • Italy

  • Greece

  • Russia

  • Japan

  • China

  • Other (Sorry run out of options :( )

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Simply Daemonic
I wanted to see if I could do a poll lol :p

I was curious as to what the demographics of this forum were since on previous
posts I had seen people from japan, spain, england and so on :)

... I find the list of choice a bit strange ;)
I can see the logic behind putting Austria, Germany and the CH together, but...
Greece having one on its own?
England and France sharing an entry???

Kinniken ;)
I find it a bit strange myself :p
I started out by naming countries and realized that there was not enough space!
I did this geographically then but I should have placed italy with greece if that were the
case.... not to mention that AUSTRALIA is not EVEN mentioned.... I think I will edit it (if I can :p)

I'm french, someone is 'other', and all the rest of you are US/Ca! Have to say I expected as much... ;)


PS: the new smilies are sad... all plain yellow :( :mad:
When will you Americans learn that Scotland is not in England?

Try UK/France

No problems about being paired with the French though!
I like most of the new aces, but the angry red face should come back.

I really like the new look, overal that is. What about the rest of you?