May Have Messed Up My Hard Drive



i recently had an incident where i plugged my ipod into my computer, but the ipod's battery was dead. therefore, it did not show up on the desktop and there was no way for me to safely eject it. i ended up just force quitting, so i could unplug my ipod and charge it (i can't remember if the "do not disconnect" light was flashing but it may have been).

after i did that several of my applications stopped running. for example, photoshop will boot up almost all the way then quit. and indesign won't start up at all. other applications, like illustrator seem to be unaffected.

i reinstalled the software for both these photoshop and indesign, and they still wouldn't work. then i reset the pram. the applications still wouldn't work and the time is now incorrect on my emac.

i'm thinking i may need to:

install a new battery

re-install the system software

run disk utility

have any suggestions of which route i should follow?