Maya screen saver


Colonel Panic
Has anyone tried the Maya 'carbonated' screen saver?

It's listed on the Apple OSX downloads page, though the Maya website says it's for OS9 but "requires Carbon extension".
It should be noted that although it's nothing but eye-candy, it's not a screen saver in the sense that it kicks in automatically -- it's just an application.

It will launch on my B&W G3 in OSX/PB, but if I open up the "Options" panel and try to select one of the alternate presets, it "Unexpectedly Quits".

Ironically, if I choose "Quit" --- it DOESN'T. The only way I can get rid of it is to either kill it with option-apple-esc, or deliberately trigger the aforementioned crash.

Furthermore, it seems to 'freeze' every few minutes, but if I simply click the mouse, it wakes up & resumes drawing. Also, it will eventually change presets on its own.

Has anyone else had this experience?

It's Carbonised, so when you run it it runs as a native OS X application.

Yes, I get exactly the same problems - as soon as I try and click on an option slider it bombs out.

Is also covers the desktop, so removable drives etc. are not visible.

Still, it is pretty neat