Meeting in the Big Apple

Would you attend an "un-official" gathering in NYC, and where?

  • I would go if I could get tipsy (a bar)

  • I would go if it was in an "all ages" environment

  • I wouldn't go to a bar, but say a pool hall

  • I wouldn't go at all...

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Hey all, just getting an interest rating. Also please post ideas on meeting places. I don't want to end up picking a bar that people will feel out of place in, much less someplace that younger individuals won't be able to take part in the fun.

I'm thinking January would be best as it's after most of the holidays, and somewhere in mid-town for the ease of travel. People in Hastings-on-Hudson and Stamford, CT for that matter usually don't want to end up going all the way down town when they can just walk five or six blocks. Of course, I could be way off... Let me know!

Remember, I'm not some sort of internet wierdo, and this is for fun... ;)


Simply Daemonic
How about a pool hall place lol ;)
and nice looking waitresses lol ;)

I wonder why MacWorld events dont come to boston :(



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Last time I went to the MacWorld show it was in Boston. So that means at one time or another it indeed was up there... The Javits center if I'm not mistaken...


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MacWorld SF is coming in January, why not meet up there for us left coasters!