Memory Fragmentation?


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I have a question about 10.1. I remember that in 10.04 although everything was painfully slow there was one thing that anoyed me even more. I am not sure if it was memory fragmentation that created this problem. But the problem is that you can't run OSX too long because after a while, say a day or two everything gets EVEN slower!

Does anyone know exactly what this problem is and has anyone been running 10.1 to be able to answer if the problem remains?

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The most likely explanation is that after a few days you have opened so many applications and documents that your memory will have to start reusing inactive memory or paging out to the hard disk for additional memory. However, it only gets slow to a point because of this.

I don't think OS X should get slower after a long time.. UNIX is built to stay up for years without restarting, and by default that means OS X was built to, too. :D
I had the slow down after a few hours problem some too, but then I got some more memory and that helped some. I think the problem is that the VM sub system in OS X 10.0 was kinda buggy. It seems like after its been paging for a while the swap files get fragmented on the disk or something to that effect. Alteast it seemed like it because after a few hours when it would slow down it would just thrash the disk constantly.