Memory size?


Ok, so BestBuy had 128 MB SDRAM for $19.95 with the rebates. I go get me some, get it some, crack open my Beige G3 case... and they're too tall.

The gate that covers the fan and the metal of the tray that holds the drives hits the 128 MB DIMM. I have 1 32mb (OEM) and 2 64mb (PNY) DIMMs in there now, and they are like 1/8" - 1/4" shorter than the Viking RAM.

Are there different sized ram modules? I'd like to get in on some memory while it's butt cheap.

Barring that, has anyone been able to move a Mac desktop motherboard and internals to a PC minitower case?
It is possible to move your Mac innards over to PC (ATX) case, but it's a pain in the ass and you don't need to do that.

What is the speed of your G3, or the model name? We can try to find the specs of the ram that your computer requires so you can get some stuff that fits.

You may want to try looking at, they have an easy system to determine what type of ram you need, and they've got quality ram for really good prices.

(no, I'm trying to plug them .. I've just had really good experience ;) )
Okay, you may want to look here for your ram, this should fit your Gossamer desktop perfectly. You may not be able to get the correct RAM at Best Buy, they usually only carries stuff that is compatable with the computers they have for sale.

I've looked but I can't find any size limitations mention along with your computer, but you're going to be looking for 66mhz non-parity ram. Crucial (the link above) garuntees that their ram will fit your computer, so that may be your best bet. And right now they've got free 2nd day shipping so it comes in pretty quick. I wish I could find some better specs so you could go to a local computer shop and try to pick it up...