Menu and desktop font size


Perhaps this may have been covered before and if so apologies in advance.

My question is : Is there a way to modify the size and type of font used in the menu bar and desktop.

I also think the menu bar font should be changed. It's too big and too fuzzy. I would also like to be able to make the actual menu bar thinner.

Can this be done?
... regarding the Menu bar at certain screen resolutions. You should post your sys config in your signature, so people can respond to you more accurately.

As an example... I am using an Apple Cinema Display (noted in my config in signature) at 1600x1024. At this resolution my menu bar is only like 2 pixels bigger than in 9.1 and the fonts represent very cleanly.
my system is:

PB G4 500 mhz 512MB with os X (commercial).

Its a neat config but due to the screen size I prefer using a smaller desktop and menu font.

Perhaps someone is aware of the unix resource file that holds the config so that it can be changed.

thanks again
Sorry, my mistake it change the application menu, fixed font & application default font not menu.

sorry again.