menu bar clock / classic clock overlap


hunger buster
OK, got a weird one here, noticed it sometime
after i updated to 10.1.2 (?fwiw)

A classic menu bar clock (Wed 7:23PM) appears
on top/adjacent of my X menu bar clock.

Here's where it get weirder.

Classic ISN'T even running.

I can also turn off the menu bar clock in X...

and it STILL appears!!...
updating/redrawing itself every minute.
X redraws on top of it, but it comes back
every minute, on the minute.

(ben stein)
Anyone?... Anyone?... Voodoo...
(/ben stein)


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eh... could you take a screenshot for us?

Back in the pre-GM builds of 10.1, the Classic clock also drew over the OSX menubar. This was especially distracting and problematic with the new right-hand menu additions. In fact, a couple times the window manager would crash, sending me to the login screen... and the clock was still there ticking away!! I took a couple screenshots when that happened, but I don't think I still have them...

Though, I have seen no problems since the 10.1 went GM.