Menu Bar (How I use submenu ?)


Chic Not Geek
I really love MacOS X PB. But one thing I would want to know how can i put folder into menubar and make sub-menu. Similiar to Apple Menu and you can put any folder in Apple Menu. That I use sub menu and get right path rather than using (GO) Finder.. I hate it.. Sub-Menu is much faster than open finder window.

Any suggest and where can i put?
If you aren't aware of it, that's the biggest gripe that people have been throwing at MacOS X since the MacWorld when Aqua was shown to the world.

The only way to use it in Mac OS X is to go to a classic application and use the Apple menu there.

You can buy a 3rd party tool called Classic Menu to put a similarly functioning menu back.

If neither of those are to your liking, try giving the tools that you can use in Mac OS X (the dock and the column view perhaps?) to try and find an elegant functional equivalent. If you can't then file a bug report.

Since System 7.5 when the Apple menu became hierarchic, I've been an adamant user of this feature. I'd do all of the tricks like throwing my hard disks into the Apple Menu Items folder to make them easy to browse, and putting an alias of the Apple Menu Items folder in itself to make the menu easy to modify. I liked it because I didn't have to go to much effort to organize things. In Mac OS X, I've found that with a folder of aliases to favorite documents and apps and another folder set up as a column view to browse the parts of the hierarchy that I use a lot, I'm really getting to like the Mac OS X method. Yeah, I still have an urge to want this to appear in a pull down menu, but it's not all that big of a deal anymore.

I hope that you can find a satisfactory replacement.