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I have a basic understanding of web optimizing but I'm still confused why the
search engines are not picking up my meta tags. It seems that the main desciption of the business (example: Manuscript Consulting) is affective when doing a search in Yahoo or Google but all the other meta tags are not coming up on the search engines. I have on the bottom of each page "manuscript consulting", but how can I get all the meta tags to appear.

Here is a link to the site I'm referring to.
Any ideas how I can get her on the first page by using all the meta tags. Please view the source. Thanks!


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Major search engines like Google don't use meta tags much anymore.

Just make sure all your keywords and phrases are used frequently are placed in the correct spots. Put the most important words in the title tags if possible.

You have a really nice looking site :) You might want to drop the tables for layout though. That might help out with the google ranking too.


Thanks! I'll just have to add the keywords all over the site. What did you mean in refernce to dropping the tables for layout? How would this help google ranking?


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Google gives preference to sites that are cleanly coded...basically their 'robot' or 'crawler' likes to see paragraphs in P tags, headings in Hx tags, and tables used properly (tabular data, not layout).

I think ALA (A List Apart) had an article about this...might try looking through or searching their archives.


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The answer to this question brings many consulting companies lots of money. Basically, the secret to making your site more popular (and therefore ranking higher) is to have a higher ranking in the first place. :) The more people search for your site, the more popular your site becomes.

Do you have unique words you can use in your website's text to draw attention to your services?