Metafile Import in Excel 98


I've been using the Internet Assisant Wizard add-in for several years without any problems. I recently started to migrate to OS X. As such, I culled a lot of items from my Classic System Folder (probably a bad idea, but I've been doing it since 1984). Now, the macro needs the Metafile Import Graphics Filter in order to run. It has to convert several items each time when starting up (Excel 98/OS 9.2.2/OS 10.2.8, both Mac OS and Classic under OS X). I've never had this filter installed before and things always worked fine. Apparently, there is something in the Mac OS that served as a substitute and I've disabled it? Anyone have an idea what it might be? I wonder, if OS X handles the images in this macro differently, as it behaves the same way in Excel X. Thanks for any help.