Michael Dell is a Lying Bastard: And He Knows it Too!

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Here's a quote from a recent interview:

And I can point to hundreds of unique inventions or ideas that we have driven. We had the first color notebook that was powered by batteries. We had the first 486 machine to ship. We had the first system to ship with the EISA [Extended Industry-Standard Architecture] bus. Right now our notebook team is continuing to drive very, very hard on size, weight, wireless integration—we were the first to integrate wireless into notebooks, with integrated antennas.

Anyone ever hear of Airport?

I guess thats just a toy, right Michael?

Last i knew, toys didnt include better hardware than supposed "real" computers.

If you haven't eaten in a few hours, consider reading the whole thing:
Money! MONEY! That what PC companies wants from people!
Yes, yes I know Apple company wants that too, BUT!

PC companies want people to get rid of Mac, and Apple company.
The PC dealers are almost same as car dealers try to get your money!

I love Mac!!!! I don't want them to get rid of Apple. What piss me off is WINDOWS XP!!! Apple put up screenshot of Mac OS X before Windows XP was ever created! I'll bet the evil Bill Gates went to Apple site and look at that screenshot and copy it to his own Windows XP!

What piss me off is on the local news says that Windows XP is much prettier than Windows 98 and Windows ME!

Microsoft and PC companies BRAIN WASHED people into love PC and hate Mac!

I can't even tell people how great Mac is! Because in the past I told my friends how great Mac is and how bad PC is.

And do you know what they choose?! PC! They seem didn't care about the problems in PC! So Microsoft are the ONE who brain washed people into IGNORE the problems!

Want to know what did I told to them?! Forget it! What if people come in here and read on this message and CHOOSE PC!

I want to get rid of microsoft!

So people make right choose and don't be brain washed by PC company or Microsoft!