MicroDrives ?


Simply Daemonic
Has anyone seen or used IBM's MicroDrive Disks ?
(Amazing things, small as hell but they can pack up to a Gig of info!)

How bif are they ? Do they fit in a CF slot ?

I am considering getting a MicroDrive disc for my iPaq but dont know if I need and extra add on (My iPaq will have a built in CF drive)

Also does the MicroDrive work under OS X ?
TiBooks have a PCMCIA slot I think and I have seen PCMCIA interfaces to use microdrive disks on laptops


I have one 340MB MicroDrive in my Casio Camera and it's working just fine. OS X 10.1 had no problem to recognize it (it's not being recognized as Camera but as Harddisk). But I don't know if it will work standalone, without the camera 'wrapped' around it.
That was a yes- if your question wasn't answered.

It's absolutely incredible. A harddrive in the formfactor of solid-state media.

I still think that SmartMedia is a little cooler though- but memory sticks have the slickest shape. SmartMedia is dirt cheap though :)
Microdrive currently not supported in OS X (with the PCMCIA adapter). Hopefully Apple will release drivers for this soon.