Microphone in OSX [dialpadX]


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Does the microphone jack on the G4s work in OSX? I just downloaded DialpadX and I'm trying to use the microphone that is built into my monitor with a male to male 1/8" - 1/8" wire. I can't seem to find a way to test the mic.

Anybody get this to work?
While I can't speak for the latest incarnations, i know my G4 (500DP) doesn't have a normal line-in jack, only one for the plaintalk microphone, which is longer to carry inline power. So: you may need to score one of those. The apple store has them for about 15 bucks, you can find them for cheap on eBay I'd bet.
Ahh, I didn't realize that there were two different kinds of mics. I was trying to use the plain old mic thats built into my monitors. Damn, what a pain in the ass!
when i got my new 466mhz G4 I knew that it didn't have any kind of analogue in (it has audio out (analogue) & a digital audio out)....

... so i brought an iMic (http://www.griffintechnology.com/audio/imic_main.html)

it's a USB mic... it has Audio In/Out, & works ok under MacOSX (aswell as 9).

the nice thing is that there is no need to install any software... it is all in the device itself....

.. however, i have found a few 'problems' under X

1. when u plug it in, it disables the Analogue audio out, so u have to use the analogue out on the iMic (which is not a problem)

2. It doesn't appear to support passthrough...... this is more of a problem... but i've not checked this out properly yet....

ps: iMic cost me around £40
pps: [i think] the sound quality is better through it...