Microphone Problems


Ok i bought a mic and headphone set from Plantronics - i think it was 900c or something. However the Mic doesn't seem to work with my Mac? any ideas?

Its not the mic itself because it works with my windows laptop fine.



EDIT: I have the AGP model if that helps
Have you gone into System Preferences --> Sound --> Input and made sure the headset is the selected input device?
yep i have - i have two optons:

Microphone Port/Line in - this is apprently pluged into my mic port
Sound input - i dont know were this port is on my mac :S

The sound input level for the mic is very low, there are 6 bars - but the slider is up full.
i have the same problem. i have now bought the plantronics headset and a sony one... both have the same problem. i go into sound options and i select LINE IN as the mic source and nothing happens.. the level slider is up to full but still nothing. the earphones work fine, its just the mic on both headsets that doesnt work. any ideas?

setup: powerbook g4 1.33ghz mac OSX 10.3.7
Well i have the same issue, i think it is something to do with the headphone jack, not being long enough,.
Hi there
I tried to use two different Headsets from my colleges with Skype on my Powerbook yesterday and I realised that the microphones didn't work at all on both Headsets.
Then I was searching on the Internet for solutions and found out that the LINE-IN port on my Powerbook (1.67Ghz, MacOS 10.4) doesn't have any power supply, in contrast to most PC Laptops (5V DC or something)... so this non powered headsets will never work on this computers!

check out this threads I found and hope this will solve the question:





P.S: we have to look for USB-, Firewire- or Bluetooth-Headsets, it's the only solution, but they are $$$ :-(