Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop


i have just recently bought a new Microsoft bluetooth desktop, and am trying to use it on my 2005 model apple powerbook 15". The powerbook comes with inbuilt bluetooth and does recognize the devices. However i cannot get the reprogrammable buttons to owrk on my mac. I have downloaded the driver from microsoft. Is anyone able to advise me what to do to get these buttons to wrk.
I'm hoping to find an answer to this as well. I've been able to make the mouse fully functional using the GamePad Companion ( But it would be nice to get the multimedia buttons functioning. USB Overdrive has a note on their site that the next release will have bluetooth support but I think it's only for mice.

I bought the setup knowing that it didn't support OS X, but it's funny that the Windows only installation CD had the Mac desktop disk image on it.
Ive just recently installed tiger and found that i can now use the scroll bar on the keyboard but non of the multimedia buttons so far