Microsoft helping X's success


I work in a Windows/Unix shop. Some of the developers have been saying their next computer will be a Mac!

Simply put they are tired of Microst crap (XP serial numbers, no java, and etc...) and X is making huge inroads into the Unix/Linux community. The Mac has gained much respect.

In fact I just attended an OO design course were the trainer mentioned that they he just attended a Java-In-MacOSX lecture. I was shocked to hear the Mac mentioned in this realm.


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Yeah, the Mac could really effect quite the takeover, what with Windows XP sucking so much. Let's hope the DOJ doesn't stop M$ yet, so they can shoot themselves in the foot a little more effectively. :)
Had a similar experience..but

Two of the IS guys at my firm are seriously interested in X. They never shut up about it. They're constantly asking me about it and borrowing my tibook as often as I'll allow. However, they are interested personally. Our firm and most of the IS higher-ups are just way too invested in M$ for them to make the switch. Maybe this is the first step. IS guys getting macs for their personal machines, learning on them and then when it comes time to re-evaluate the systems and/or upgrade, Apple might be an option.

Besides me there is only one other lawyer in our firm that owns a mac. I know enough about both mac and windoze that I can use my macs for work. The other guy just has a mac at home. Sad, but I don't see that - or our network - changing anytime soon no matter how much Microslob shoots itself in various extremeties.


Yeah, the erosion is going to be a slow process. Microsoft products have lost consumer confidence. MS gets countless bad press (nice to see this going the other way for once). MS has no brand loyalty. And lastly MS continuously insults the consumer with bad marketing ("Linux is viral", Windows *ME*), and stunts like the XP serial number.

Macs have generally had consumer confidence, and growing in X. With the iBook and X the press is praising Apple. Apple has the paramount of brand loyalty. Apple insulting its consumers? That one is debatable :)

Technology tends to get stuck (PCs still using 15 year old technology of the Parallel, Serail Ports, and the floppy drive). People will be using MS products for a long time.

apb3 - you are right - technology trends are set by the geeks working in the trenches. They have lost faith in their leader, the immediate runner-up (Linux) just doesn't cut it, so that leaves the only other, now technically respectable, Apple.

Time will tell.


Recently I recommended to a (completely PC user) freshman CS major that he should consider the iBook as his school machine. The price and features for this machine is really good, and the fact that it is running OSX makes it even more of a benefit to him.

Following along in his C/C++ class, he can easily do the projects and take notes without having to be in the lab with the computers. Almost every class that he can take right now can directly use the iBook. Linux, no problem. Windows 2000, no problem with VPC. Networking... great!

I have a feeling that Apple can only go up from here (time to buy stock)...


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Well, I'm a CS major myself, and I've got an iBook. Personally, I think it's the ideal machine for this role, as it's probably got some of the best UNIX support of any laptop. I wouldn't trade mine for anything else (except for maybe a PowerBook G4, of course, but that would make for pretty hefty cargo.) Now if they would just get the wireless networks set up around the campus...