Microsoft outlook


I have tried several times to use MS Outlook running in Classic mode and have had no success. I can get it to run in OS 9.04 without any problems. Has anyone else had this type of problem? and is there a solution for OSX.
I have had no problems using it on a network while using DHCP. There is an issue if you are trying to use PPP as in dialing up through a modem. There is a shareware program called Portreflector that will help fix this problem by rerouting the PPP port to the Classic Environment.
i have MS outlook 5 and
i haven't encountered any
problem in classic mode using
a cable connection with a DHCP server.
I rely heavily on Outlook 5.02 and have had trouble getting it to start 'cold' from OS X PB, so if I open Classic -first- then open Outlook it seems to work better. Using Outlook to trigger Classic environment seems to work only some of the time. Also I stripped my OS 9 system folder of unnecessary/conflicting extensions/control panels.