Microsoft Word (osx 10.4.2) Adding Thumbnails.


So I type in "insert thumbnail" - nothing.
"Add thumbnail" - nothing.

Microsloth Word Help has got to be the most useless piece of teeming heaving steaming pile of puke ever put in a computer.

Now - feeling lighter now......:)

Is there a logical, straight forward way of inserting a thumbnail in a Word document, then hyperlinking it to a picture? I've hyperliniked pictures already, while using Fetch to send them up to the web with success. Now I'd like to have the thumbnail as the hyperlink instead some blue words. Is this possible without enrolling in higher education first? Please say it IS so....:)

And what do creative people use for a word processor on OS X? There's just got to be something more intuitive than Word which seems to have the creativity intuition of a pessimistic loan officer with a horrendeous case of hemmoroids.