Mighty Mouse - hate it so far


I bought a Mighty Mouse last night and connected it to my new iMac. After installing the software for it both buttons defaulted to right-click function. I was able to open the System Preferences but could only navigate it using the Tab and Shift keys. I changed the button mapping for left hand use but it functions as a right hand mouse. If I change it to right hand mapping both buttons are right-click. I need it to work as a left hand mouse.

I am using 10.4.2 with all updates as suggested. And I do like the scroll button.

Anyone else having this problem?
I don't own the thingy, but an spontanious idea that I got:

Have you tried disconnecting the mighty one and set the button mapping in the system prefs with your regular mouse? If that does not work as well, maybe try a fresh user account, to verify if it is a problem with account settings etc
Thanks for the thought. If I reconnect my regular mouse the button mapping options are not available.

After playing with it more I have found that the button mapping options for 'Primary Button' and 'Secondary Button' are backwards. If I set both for 'Primary Button' they both function as the Secondary button. It does not allow setting both as Secondary.

The problem with left-hand use (and right-hand for that matter) is that the touch sensitivity is to make the Primary button dominant. Because of that, in order to make it work right I have to make sure I am not touching (or even close to) the side of the mouse I don't want to click. If I rest my fingers on the mouse as I normally would the touch sensitivity says 'Primary Button' which, for me, gives the Secondary button.

I took the mouse home to try on the new Mac Mini to see if that works.
I tried th new mouse and found these dismal problems:

The cable is ridiculously short.
The scroll does not do diagonals.
The scroll in some applications (ie Photoshop) is time delayed for some reason.
You cannot assign the "primary" or "secondary" button to all buttons of the mouse, only the side ones.

Further to which I returned the mouse to the shop. I'll wait for the wireless version and try again.