Migrating After Clean Install


I've just updated from Yosemite to Sierra by means of a clean install. Now I have two hard drives, Sierra (new) and Yosemite (old).

I don't want to use migration assistant as the whole idea of the clean install was to leave behind all the accumulated crap from several OS upgrades. However, when I try and access the Yosemite (old) hard drive, I get the "No Entry" sign on various folders, which makes the process of grabbing those things that are relevants - sometimes documents - but sometimes useful app settings such as booksmarks for FTP applications etc - more difficult.

Clearly I can log back into the other system and stick them in dropbox or something, but there must be an easier way. I'd be grateful to hear about any suggestions.


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
The system thinks that you, while logged in Sierra, are a different user than the user listed in Yosemite. You can try adjusting the permissions of the folders in Yosemite using the Get Info window for the folders you want to access. If there are a lot of items in the folder, it may take a while to apply your changes to everything enclosed in the folder.

Or you can log into Yosemite and do a purge. Go through each important folder - such as Applications - and trash those items you no longer need or use. Then use Migration.
Keep in mind Migration also transfers over the Apps that you have installed along with the preference files that go with it. Your photos and music get moved faster and completely with Migration.