Migrating From Asip to Osx Server


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[On Apr 20, 1:08pm Jim wrote:]
I am trying to migrate my users from an ASIP server to OSX server. I want macmanager sharepoint to be on a different partition. When i migrate the users using mac manager on a different machine I get a message that says it cannon find the file/folder. What is the easiest way to migrate users and their documents.

I have followed a document called Mac OS X Server 10.x: How to migrate Macintosh Manager or at Ease for Workgroups.
I have a new server with OS X 10.38 on it.
I have set up a sharepoint for mac manager on a partition on the server that does not have the operating system on it.
I copied the old Macintosh Manager folder into the new one.
I put the the Multiple Users items from the old MM into the Old MM Items folder.
When I open MM on a remote machine and try to update the files , after I set the users password, I get a message that reads "Unable to Open Database on Server" because the file/folder cannot be found.

What can I do?
[On May 3, 11:06am Scott W. wrote:]

Well, you stumped us on this one. I am sending this to the forums for other input (well, just any input). I will copy the threadid once I get it posted.

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