Migration problems: iBook G3 Panther -> PB G4 Tiger


Hi all,

Just bought a second hand, 10 month old 15" PB with Tiger (and installation disks.). This PB seems to have come out just before the dual-finger scrolling on the trackpad came out, unfortunately. Never mind.

Anyway, I need to transfer the contents of my iBook (G3, Panther) over. I loaded up the Migration Tool and set it running as described (firewire connection, iBook in target mode, etc) and set it to copy over all apps (ignoring ones where a newer version existed on the PB), all files etc.

Basically all it seems to have done is copy over the contents of my Applications folder and related library material.

The entire contents of my iBook User Home folder (all contents of my Documents, Pictures, Music and other folders existing in the Home folder) are missing. They didn't come over. Also, it DID copy over older applications, such as Safari (although to be fair Safari was in a Web Browsers folder on the iBook so the PB probably couldn't tell.)

I'm considering doing another total clean install of Tiger to wipe my PB clean and then start copying over what I need by hand, but I don't know what i need in terms of hidden stuff in the Libraries etc. Also, is there any way of importing all my Safari bookmarks (they haven't arrived) and also all the Mail settings so I don't have to set up all that with my Gmail account again?