Mini Mac Tiger Print Using Shared Windows Printer


My home network has a couple Windows machines(XP Pro) and a Mac Mini(Tiger). One Windows machine has two USB HP printers connected that all Windows machines use to print on the network. I have not been successful printing from the Mac using either of the two printers. I have added the printers to Mac (printers are recognized and appear to configure correctly) but when printing get various error messages. One error says invalid network name, another says no memory. I have not found where to lookup error messages in Help, that would be good information, and I have seen on other web sites there might be a problem with Tiger printer sharing of Windows USB printers?? don't know where to look for that either or to even register my complaint with Apple to get a fix if it is a problem, etc...
Sorry for multiple questions, I prefer to research my own problems but am new to Mac and still learning where things are found. (I have installed Windows XP services to allow Unix printing on shared printers, and Mac is registered on my home network I can see shared Windows directories, from Mac to Windows and visa versa)



I think the two errors might apply to workgroups or printer shared names with spaces in them (a bug in Tiger's version of Samba). It is advisable to have all computers in the same workgroup and you need to have an account on the sharing PC that matches what you use on the Mac. Here's a helpful page of HOWTOs:

A useful Tiger-only tidbit - to get to the Advanced printer setup choices, hold the option key while clicking More Printers. Select Advanced in the top pull-down menu.