Minor but annoying (Express flashing light)


I bought a second Airport Express (great product) for my place in the boonies where there is no internet access.

Hooked it up and works great. iTunes and remote printing is what I got it for and no problem with either. BUT--

The darn amber light flashes because it can't conntect to the internet or a local net. Just an annoyance, but is there any way around this?

You could hook it into your existing Airport network using WDS (read the Airport Help) and it'll work as a kind of repeater station, meaning you can get a bit more coverage. I think there is also a setting for the blinking light on the advanced tab of Airport Administrator (not at home right now) which might do the trick.
Sorry friend, I guess I wasn't clear--

I have a Powerbook, a printer, a stereo and an express. That is it. I can now print wirelessly and listen to my tunes, but there is no network here. Boonies. No internet either except for very bad dialup.

So no real problem, but that light is bugging me. Yes, a piece of electrical tape would fix it, but I was wondering if I could change a setting somewhere....

P.S. Setting the LED 'Flash on Activity' popup does nada.
Ahh. Well, I had to turn off the "Flash on activity" for mine, but then I'm in a different situation. I do have network, I just didn't want something flashing oddly in some little corner of my lounge room. :)

I guess that really only leaves electrical tape. White electrical tape, for preference, I guess.