Mirroring Laptop Display On Tv


I have a PowerPC G3 laptop with 14" screen (700 Mhz & 256MB) purchased 3 years ago.

It is currently running with Mac OS X (10.3.9).

I have bought the adaptor and AV cords in order to connect it to my TV (via the AV ports). The laptop is registering the TV and is causing static noise on the TV but I can't get the image to display on the TV. I have tried adjusting display settings to no avail.

On-line help seems to suggest that the mirroring should be the automatic default if I connect a second display but I can't get it work.

Any suggestions?
I am using a 20 ft cable from my G5 to tv the tv end is an s video connector. To get the mirrored image to show up on my tv I use my handheld to my tv (the same brand as my tv an old one) I use the toggle video input display...it goes through four for me as I have cable tv, when it is on video one where I have the s video connected , my tv goes to my mac and I have watched training dvd roms from Total Training and others and more recently movie dvds using my DVDplayer on osx panther.

hope this helps. I got the idea from reading Leo Laportes Toys for Macs or whatever the name of it. he recommends all sorts of hardware and software stuff to make things work on macs and then recommends his best choice, gives pros and cons. you could find it in Barnes and Noble and look through.

hope this helps.