Mirrors for XFree86 ?


Simply Daemonic
I tried downloading XFree86 today from its FTP but 9/10 times I tried getting on it told me too many people on the server, and the 1 time I got on it was slow as mollases:p

Anyone know of any mirrors ?
What is fink ? :p
What does it do ? :p
Do I need it ?
I just wanna run XFree86 with afterstep along with Aqua ;)
Fink is at http://fink.sourceforge.net. Check it out. It will download the source, patch it (if need be), compile it, and install it.

For example, to install XFree86 the way you want it, you'd type in the terminal

fink install xfree86-base

then wait, then type

fink install xfree86-rootless

tehn wait, and finally type

fink install afterstep

There's a ton of other stuff you can install with it too, much of which is for XFree86.
Yup, you can do it with just Fink. Basically, there are at least four or five ways to get XFree86.

Probably the easiest way is to get it through the MacGimp project. The real problem with that is that noone outside of the MacGimp project knows what version of XFree86 it is (all we know is that it wasn't a stable release), and they sure aren't telling.

You can also get it through XTools. That costs money, though.

You can get it through the XonX project. I got it this way once, so I know it works.

You can compile it yourself, like you were trying to do. If I didn't have Fink, that'd be the option I'd pick.

Finally, you can get Fink. If you ever in the smidgen think that you'd like to look at some other open-source software out there later, I'd say go this route. Like I said, once you've installed Fink, the world is your oyster. It gets the source code for you, compiles it, and installs it for you. The added bonus is that if you're dealing with a lot of programs, all you need to do is update Fink, and the new version of Fink can check to see if you're up-to-date. Honestly, I'd say check it out.