Missing Install Disks??


I just recently purchased a new G4 Powerbook and was surprised when I opened up the box. With all my past Mac purchases the OSX Install disks were included in the box and I had to manually install the most recent OS (i.e. Jaguar or Panther from 10.0). With the powerbook, all that was included was the 10.0 disk and no Tiger disk. Tiger was already installed on the book. Is this normal, or should I have received the actual install disks?

Just curious, Thanks!
You mean the 10.4 disk by "10.0 disk"? Either way: It could be that everything is on one DVD. That Macs already have installed their OS is normal. You still had to enter your user information etc., right?
By 10.0 I mean the gray install disk for OSX (2 install disks and 1 hardware test disk). Not the Tiger disk. They actually say "10.0" on them. I did still enter my user info and all that, and everything is working fine, I was just curious about the lack of a Tiger DVD or CD.
Hm. They've been gray disks for quite some time. Named something like "Software Installation" or just "Installation" or something. You don't get a disk that is labelled Tiger, since Tiger's just part of the first installation disk (or on that disk if there's only one)...
If the disc actually say 10.0 and not Version 10.4, I would call Apple about it.
I will double check when I get home, but I'm pretty sure it's 10.0. So I'll give them a call. Like I said, the last purchase I made, I recieved both the 10.0 installation AND the Jaguar disks.

Thanks for your help!
That sounds strange, too. They didn't sell machines that had Cheetah (Mac OS X 10.0) and Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) disks in the package.
It was on an iMac G4 Flat Screen. My only guess is that maybe it shipped right around the time they put out Jaguar, so instaid of shipping with it installed they just included the disk? When the iMac came out of the box it had 10.0 installed and I manually updated to Jaguar. Also, I *think* that iMac was a MacMall purchase, whereas the powerbook was from the apple store.
Well, the iMac G4, AFAIK only supported 10.1 or later plus OS 9.2.2 at the beginning. (And that's the oldest model that came in 700/800 MHz.) If your iMac came with 10.2 upgrade disks, then the preinstalled OS would've been 10.1, not 10.0.

The newest PowerBooks don't run anything below 10.3.9 AFAIK and come with Tiger - both preinstalled and on the installation media.
The 10.4 does not ship on a separate 10.4 install DVD, but with one DVD that ships with the Powerbook. And fryke is right with the current Powerbooks (or any) not booting to anything less that what was factory installed on them.