Missing Mouse in Classic


Emperor of things small
I've encountered an interesting problem. While running Microsoft Entourage in Classic (I haven't seen the problem in any other Classic programs) on occasion the mouse just disappears. Everything still functions, and if I can eventually find my way to some open desktop space, i can return to the finder, everything goes back to normal.

Anyone else encounter this?
I've had a broadly similar problem. I find that the mouse pointer disappears when the machine is woken from power-save mode, or the display size is reset. I can tab between apps and enter text into dialog boxes, and the like, but the pointer itself remains AWOL. Restarting from the Terminal will bring it back, but it's irritating. I've had to turn off the power saver, and resign myself to having to restart if I change the display resolution. It's like using Windows... :)
I found that only in classic my mouse disappears, good to hear that this is a normal bug. I usually find it by dragging the invisible cursor to the magnifying dock, then I can get an idea where it is really, then go into X for a sec, then back to classic and it sometimes comes back, otherwise, just general continual use will bring it back. It doesn't hurt anything, it's just annoying...