Mixed Results


Right, Here we go, The installation went absolutley flawlessly, it was much easier than i imagined and i am very impressed with that. It has crashed ONCE in the first day, a kernel panic or something, it is nice and quick in most areas, about the same as 9.0, but 9.1 is quicker in the finder are than both X and 9.0! but the worst thing was......... i only had an original copy of iTunes, so i found it, Clicked it, and oh my god classic was embarrasingly slow to load, and i mean real slow. TWICE as slow as normal, apart from that Classic was OK ish. The most irritating thing about it all is that i cant really get any more Carbon/Coacoa pograms because.............AOL wont work in OS X, not even in classic, so everytime i need to go online, i have to reboot into plain old 9.1, so basically i am now just playing with OS X, i am preying that aol will hurry up and get their software going cos i hate rebooting all the time! it drives me mad!
er... i may be totally mistaken here, as i don't have os x myself yet, but from all i've read i think i've got the idea pretty well...
so: why don't you just go online in 9.1, download your carbon/cocoa apps and then reboot into x to use them?
is this, for some strange reason, not possible?
that is what i do! the only reason i want aol to work is that it is unmetered call up service so i dont have to pay and i do if i use X!