Mobile phone sync questions


Hi people, does anyone know of any software that will happily sync my Nokia 6230 and Nokia 8800 mobile phones with my powerbook?

I have tried both isync and onsync but both phones are not supported with these applications. I can't try my 8800 yet as it is arriving next week. Onsync supports the 8910, so it might work.

I can't use pc suite because it is not compatible with mac's. How are others getting around this problem.

What wireless company are you with? I found out that you can not sync a phone with Verizon. They have a lock on the sync which forces you to buy into their plan at $1.99 a month to back up.
Elander: I kinda stumbled on phonedirector after posting. I've installed it and its pretty good. Just two questions.. Is it secure paying through the software. I'm pretty paranoid about dealing with company's like this in terms of making a payment. Also how well does the software intergrate with ical? Thanks

Cheryl sorry but I don't know what your trying to ask me, can you be a little clearer plse.
Miss_Lateralus, as I haven't bought anything from this particular company, I can't vouch for them. However, I've bought items over the Internet for several thousand dollars over the past ten years, and so far I've never had any trouble. I don't suspect that you will get into any through buying this app.

Credit card fraud is a lot more common in stores, restaurants and above all bars, than it is on the Internet. It's also a lot easier to commit than an Internet fraud.

I really don't know how well the app integrates with iCal, I don't use it myself (a friend of mine does, but he's on vacation at the moment and away). My phone works with iSync... :D