Modem And Tiger Problem



I recently installed Tiger and the 10.4.1 upgrade on an iMac G5. It was mostly working fine (for a couple of weeks), but now my modem doesn't seem to work correctly - in particular, even though Internet Connect reports that the system has disconnected, my modem doesn't hang up. As a result, phone lines in the house don't work. I can correct this by unplugging the modem from the phone line. This condition persists even when the computer is shut down - as long as the modem is plugged is, the phone system believes that a phone is off hook. As far as I can tell, the modem works fine otherwise (other than the chronically slow and unreliable phone line I have - the joy of living in the country...)

The only things that I can think of at all that are relevant to what may have triggered this are - I downloaded some widgets from the Apple site just prior to this problem starting; there was a rain storm, but I didn't experience any other phone / electrical issues, and I have a surge protector.

(I'm a pretty experienced user, including such things as internal repairs on things way back to the MacPlus, though I haven't had much experience yet delving into the Unix side of things in MacOSX.)

Any insights here?


I heard arround there that were there problems like that with Tiger and communication devices such as modems. I got that information from a direct request from Apple, and they told me that they were working on it, and should be fixed in future releases or upgrades.

i don't know if that is the same issue that you have. I thing the only way to ensure that is booting up your computer with an older OS X like Panther an see what happen.

good Luck.