Modem for Os X with Blue/White G3


Hi, I have two Blue & White G3's. Neither of these have an internal modem. I've been asked to test OS x with some ISP's and have the public beta release and the final retail as of the 24th. I've contacted some shops about an Internal modem, but they have said they wouldnt get hold of one. Is there an external USB modem I could buy which will work in OS X?

This might be a long shot but if you have a usb to serial adapter you might be able to use a global village 56k (the serial one) with the drivers that came with the PB. As far as I know there are only 3 or 4 modem drivers in PB

hope this helps ;-)
those blue G3 are supposed to have internal modem.. since they released new G3 and G4 in blue/white and graphite, they all comes with 56K as standard. unless those modem were yanked out by you or someone else then you can use any USB modem and change the setting from internal modem to external modem in network prefernce.

(I have a Rev 1 Blue G3 400mhz and it comes with 56K internal modem and a DVD Drive

Not really.
When I bought my blue & white G3, there was no modem in it. Apple did not have modems in them as a standard in the beggining. (thank God apple had a special and I sent my UPC and a coupon to get my *free* modem :p)