modem looses carrier under 10.1


hi all,

since upgrading my rev. A iMac (233MHz/160MB/internal modem) i can't reach my ISP (i write this at work). Specifically i ran into the following problem:
- with the script for the internal modem (V.34 and V.90) the modem doesn't even dial...
- most modem scripts make the modem dial (with tone) but after having established the connection (as far as i can tell from the sound of it...) it looses the connection ("carrier lost" or so). REALLY annoying!

this problem is started in 10.1 and still does not occur in 9.2 (-> no hardware problem)...

anybody's got an idea??? thanks a lot in advance!!!

I found the workaround on Apparently the modem scripts for the internal G3 (and obviously the Rev.A iMac) modem are buggy. To solve this just copy the according modem script from the system folder of the classic environment (MacOS 9.2 works fine) to MacOSX (/Library/Modem Scripts). Then select it in the Network/Modem panel in system preferences and - voila - perfect connectivity!

Glad to be back online...